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History is so much more than names, dates and battles. History is the study of people, of who we are and how we came to be that way. When historians look across the vast reaches of time they are seeking not just a “big picture” perspective on political or economic events, but also an understanding of the real lives of people that were part of those larger events.

Rather than draw from a standard history textbook, the study of history at CNCC draws heavily from primary sources, which are sources written directly at the time by those who lived through the events. These kinds of readings give students a direct and meaningful connection to those who lived from the ancient world to the early twenty-first century.CNCC offers an Associate of Arts degree with a focus on history as a solid foundation for students seeking to transfer to four-year universities.

Our degree program includes two courses that survey American history as well as two survey courses in either European or world history. In addition, history students take at least one elective in specialized topics such as the Middle Ages, Latin American history, women in US history and so on.

All these courses are part of the Guaranteed Transfer program in Colorado, so they transfer smoothly to colleges all across the state.


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Instructor of History
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