Mine Training

colowyoshovelThe Mine Safety Training Program at CNCC is designed for professionals in the mining industry. The Program is MSHA and Browser approved to meet safety training standards for surface mining operations. CNCC offers three classes:

1. MIT 101 MSHA Entry-level Mine Safety Training. This course is required  for mine employees and outside vendors who perform tasks inside mine property. The three-day course includes a First-Aid /CPR section.

2. MIT201 MSHA Annual Mine Safety Refresher. This required refresher course is an eight-hour session designed to provide updates and new safety information.

3. Optional First-Aid /CPR. This class is for professionals not necessarily in the mining industry, but who require first-aid training certification. The course is part of the  Mine Safety Training Program, but can be taken separately from the Mine Program.

Mine Safety Training is offered the First Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of every month, year-round.

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