Psychology Degree Information
Associate of Arts

Course Work Credits
Specialized Course Requirements 15
General Education Coursework
-Arts and Humanities 9
-Written Communication 6
-History 3
-Mathematics 3
-Natural & Physical Sciences 7
-Social & Behavioral Sciences 6
-Oral Communication 3
Elective Options 8
Total 60

Specialized Psychology Coursework

Coursework Credits
PSY 101: General Psychology I 3
PSY 102: General Psychology II 3
And Choose 3 of the following (must be gtPathways)
PSY 217: Human Sexuality 3
PSY 226: Social Psychology 3
PSY 235: Human Growth & Development 3
Total 15

For complete course descriptions and detailed requirements view the current CNCC Course Catalog.

Rangely Campus Plan of Study- A detailed Plan of Study for completing an Associate of Arts in Psychology degree on the Rangely campus.

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Instructor of Psychology and Sociology

Email: Jessica Kruger, M.A.
Phone: (970) 675-3203

Instructor of Psychology

Email: Kathryn (Ryn) Deitz, M.A.
Phone: (970) 804-1117