Signature Programs

At Colorado Northwestern Community College we have an ongoing selection of special programs that capitalize on our unique location in Colorado.

Our Programs:

The programs directly interface with our Arts & Science programs at both campuses and are designed not only to enhance a student’s experience at CNCC, but better prepare them to continue toward advanced training and degree work. River Rafting
Leader Trek is a program and a scholarship that combines community service, academics, leadership training and outdoor adventures. Students belong to a learning community or “cohort” that experiences CNCC together. It could be called an “Athletic Scholarship” for academia. Leader Trek
The mission of the Spartan Outdoor Leadership Program is to provide unique learning, leadership, and recreational experiences in the diverse natural environments of Northwest Colorado. We strive to foster students’ creative problem solving, critical thinking, and effective communication skills. SOL provides students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote competence and the ability to function well in the outdoor industry. Outdoor leader
Fossils in general are rare. Dinosaurs are even more rare. CNCC is uniquely located in the center one of the world’s richest deposits of dinosaur fossils. Only ten minutes from Dinosaur National Monument, we’ve discovered that the Monument isn’t the only place to find amazing fossils. The new Paleontology Field Experience brings together CNCC’s science instructors and nationally acclaimed Paleontologists for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to uncover some amazing fossils. Paleontology