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Paying for College

There is a wide array of scholarship opportunities available at Colorado Northwestern. From Athletics and Academics to Foundation Grants and Community Scholarships, CNCC strives to make world-class higher education a reality for every student with a desire to learn.

In addition to scholarships, CNCC has a wide range of financial assistance including loans, grants, and work-study. For more information, click this link: Financial Aid.

Local Scholarships

The local college districts supporting CNCC have created scholarships designed specifically for permanent residents. The Rangely Junior College District offers a 100% tuition buy-down for residents of western Rio Blanco County. The Moffat County Board offers a 50% tuition buy down. Proof of residency is required.

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Additional Grants and Scholarships

Foundation Grant and Scholarships

CNCC offers a wide variety of scholarships through the CNCC Foundation. Most are program-specific or
are based on specific campuses or plans of study. Applications for Foundation Scholarships are
emailed to students within their programs of study. Due to the wide variety of scholarships,
applications are sent out to student email accounts at various times throughout the year. It is
crucial for students to check their student email account in a regular basis.Here are some of the CNCC Foundation Scholarships:

  • Chevron General Scholarship
  • Chevron Natural Resources Scholarship
  • CNCC Foundation Scholarship
  • Johnson Foundation Scholarship
  • CNCC Albin Salton Scholarship (Moffat County)
  • Brett Stearns Memorial Scholarship (Craig Campus)

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Program Based Scholarships

  • Chuck and Maxine Enterline Memorial Scholarship (Dental Hygiene)
  • Deborah Sherman-Hurst Memorial Scholarship (Dental Hygiene)
  • Luke Stoeber Memorial Aviation Scholarship (Aviation)
  • Aviation Foundation Scholarship (Aviation)
  • Viola Moore Searcy Memorial Scholarship (Aviation)
  • National Western Scholarship (Nursing)
  • Joanne Gerow Memorial Nursing Scholarship (Nursing)
  • Kaiser Permanente Scholarship (Health Fields)