Craig – Register for Classes

  1. Log on to Crossroads
    • Enter your student ID number (S Number) found in your acceptance email.
    • The temporary password is your birthday in the format of MMDDYY. For example, if your birthday is January 1, 2000 your password would be 010100.
  2. Register for Classes – Video: how to register for classes.
    • Click the Student tab.
    • Click on Add or Drop Classes under Registration Tools.
    • Agree to the payment agreement.
    • Search for classes using the search options or enter the Course Reference Number (CRN).
    • Register by clicking submit.
      • If the class is full, you can register for the waitlist. Make sure you check your student email daily as you only have 24 hours after receiving an email that a place in the class has opened for you to log on and register.
      • Do you have a Selective Service hold on your account?
  3. Check your student email by clicking the envelope in the upper right hand of Crossroads.
  4. Colorado residents: Authorize the use of your College Opportunity Funds by clicking the student finance tab and “Authorize my COF.”
  5. View your schedule by clicking one of the options under Registration Tools.