Non-Resident Colorado Resident

Determining Residency Status

Your residency status can have a significant effect on your tuition costs. To be considered a Colorado resident, a student must live in Colorado for one year or more immediately preceding the first day of classes. For students under the age of 23, residency is based on the residency of the parent. If a student is an emancipated minor, residency will be determined apart from the parents. Some of the documentation used to determine residency includes:

  • Owning your primary residential home in Colorado
  • Payment of Colorado State Income Tax
  • Colorado Vehicle Registration
  • Colorado Driver’s License
  • Permanent Employment in Colorado
  • Voter Registration
  • Graduation from a Colorado High School

The determination of a student’s residency status is determined under Colorado Residency Laws.

If you feel your residency for tuition purposes is incorrect, please complete the petition for in-state tuition and return it to the Admissions and Records Office.

Are you a Veteran?

Honorably discharged service members, discharged within the last three years, need to submit a copy of their DD 214 to the VA certifying official and to Admissions and Records to obtain residency status. The DD 214 must state “Honorably Discharged” at the bottom of the form. Visit Military Veterans for more information about using your VA benefits.