Rangely – Paying for College

Your education is an investment!

How much will my education cost?

How can I find help to pay for college?

Watch your mail for important information about how refunds at CNCC work. Do not throw this away!


In order to quickly process your financial aid payments and refund/credit balances, CNCC uses a service called Bank Mobile.

Your welcome packet will arrive in the mail in a Lime Green Envelope. Do Not Throw it away. If you do not receive or misplace this contact a CNCC Cashier at (970) 675-3277 or (970) 824-1104.

Be sure to check that your mailing address on file at CNCC is up to date because your Bank Mobile information will be mailed to that address. An incorrect mailing address will delay your refund.



Activate your account by logging in at BankMobile. Once you activate your account, you will be prompted to select your refund preference. By not activating the refund preference online, you may delay the delivery of your refund.

Keep this information even if you are not expecting a refund for the current semester.

You may need to receive a refund in the future (like a housing deposit). Keep this information in a safe-place – treat it like you would any other personal information.