Automotive Technology
Program Description

CNCC Automotive and Diesel Technology

Courses are designed from an introduction into the automotive industry to training students for ASE certification level.

Classes are taught from a perspective of the professional Automotive and Diesel Technicians who each have thirty plus years working in the industry.

 Getting Started

Step 1:

  • Before you make any decisions, please read the format of our programs to get an idea of the hours and cost required for each and which one might best suit you and what the prerequisite courses, qualifications and requirements

Pre requisites

  • Basic Auto Tech. Pre/Co requisite: COM 100
  • Advanced Auto Tech Pre requisite: Basic Auto.
  • Diesel Tech. Pre requisite: Basic Auto or sufficient experience with instructor’s discretion.
  • Unless Students are still MCHS enrolled through the PSEO a High School Diploma or GED is required.
  • Future consideration to Accuplacer Testing may be required.


  • Cengage Delmar ISBN# 1133073832 - Tim Gills 4th Edition bundle with(Text Book & Lab Manual), which can be purchases through the college bookstore.
  • A two year subscription to Course Smart, an online resource for the student.
  • All Students are required to have two Student Tech Shirts as outlined under dress code in course syllabus.
  • Advanced Auto and Diesel Tech Students are required to have their own set of basic hand tools and roll about chest

Step 2:

  • Fill out an online application, or visit your local CNCC admissions office and fill out an application for admission and course registration.
  • Course registration must besigned by Instructor.   Moffat County High School Students a State Wide PSCO Agreement must be filed out. Students under Eighteen must have Parental or Guardian consent signature.

Step 3:

  • If you are applying for the Automotive Technology or Diesel Technology Program, apply online for financial aid, or sign up at your local CNCC admissions office.

Step 4:

  • After you have applied for admission, filled out course registration and signed up for financial aid, you will be ready to buy your books and student tech shirts. These items can be purchased through the CNCC Craig Campus Bookstore. You may call the bookstore at 970-824-1124 for the exact prices.

Step 5:

  • Visit your local CNCC admissions office, and sign up to take the placement test when required. If you submit your ACT scores, or have prior college transcripts sent, check with the Registrar to see if you may be exempt from testing. Every student without the aforementioned exemptions, however, may be required to take the placement test they can enter the Automotive and Diesel Tech. programs.