Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services Program  - Virtual Classroom


This two-year AAS Degree and one-semester Certificate in Banking and Financial Services are designed to assist current and entering employees in the banking industry qualify for mid- and upper management positions. Demand for banking employees will increase by 4% in the next ten years. Advancement to higher level executive, managerial, and professional positions may be accelerated by taking additional training. The closest community college that offers a similar program is nearly 400 miles from CNCC.


Contact:  Kathy Powell  kathy [dot] powell [at] cncc [dot] edu  (970) 824-1112

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Access & Advantages!
•All courses can be taken from your home on your PC
•Elluminate Live! provides real time interactions with instructor and other students
•Only one class session per week
•Program delivery ideal for those with full-time jobs and families

Courses Include
•Accounting Principles I
•Accounting Principles II
•Intro to Business
•Legal Environment of Business
•Business Communication & Report Writing
•Business Statistics
•Intro to PC Applications
•Into to Finance
•Principles of Banking
•Money and Banking
•Law and Banking Applications
•Independent Study
•Business Ethics and Values
•Time Management
•Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
•Small Business Management


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