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Giving Opportunities

Why Give?
The education provided by Colorado Northwestern is an investment in the future of our students and in the future of the College. As alumni and friends, you can play a major role in supporting the College in the years ahead. We believe that all gifts are important. Colorado Northwestern is dependent on philanthropy and the income of endowed funds to serve as the impetus for the growth and future development of the College.

Annual Giving
Gifts to Colorado Northwestern’s Annual Fund enhance the high quality of our educational experience every day, because they support ongoing operating expenses. Annual Fund gifts may be either unrestricted for general operating budget support or designated for general support of specific programs or projects. Students on campus today benefit from the support of alumni who came before them, just as part of your experience at Colorado Northwestern or Rangely College was supported by those before you. This tradition continues through annual giving as alumni and friends provide today's talented students with the tools and resources they need to realize opportunities that may otherwise pass them by. Your investment in their future affords you a chance to connect with current students. Your annual gift makes you a part of their successes as you strengthen Colorado Northwestern's influence for the benefit of generations to come.

Matched Gifts
Corporate matching gifts can be a vitally important source of revenue critical for the support of Colorado Northwestern. Thousands of companies and corporate foundations match gifts to non-profit institutions such as Colorado Northwestern. Also, matching gifts are a great way to increase support of CNCC without additional out-of-pocket expense.

  • Eligible donors can compound the value of their contribution, perhaps by as much as two or three times.
  • Donors are able to enhance their total for gift club membership.
  • Many donors are eligible to submit matching gift claims from both their own and their spouse's employer for the same gift.

Contact the human resources office at your employer, spouse's employer, or even your former employer, if you are retired, to inquire about their matching gift program. You will be asked either to complete and submit a form directly to Colorado Northwestern with your payment or to contact the company's matching gifts coordinator by telephone or e-mail to report your gift.

Gifts to endowment are essential to Colorado Northwestern's future. The College must build a stronger financial foundation through endowment, so that it is fully prepared to act on opportunities, prevail over economic uncertainties and achieve a future of prominence. A larger endowment fund reduces the College's dependence on tuition income paid by students and funding from the state, enabling Colorado Northwestern to offer better opportunities to more students and to enrich the campus environment. Gifts to endowment are really gifts to students, present and future. Furthermore, endowment gifts bring continuity and permanence to the College, because the interest earned by the invested funds brings vital support to Colorado Northwestern year after year. The gifts that CNCC is able to invest today will reap multiple benefits for years to come.

Special Projects
Gifts to Colorado Northwestern for special projects provide expendable funds for purposes over and above current operations. Each year, CNCC identifies special project needs requiring gift support. These opportunities, identified by administration and department leaders, include:

  • Building Remodeling Projects
  • Funds for Faculty Development
  • Scholarships
  • Science Lab Upgrades

Leaving a Legacy– Including Colorado Northwestern in Your Will
Most people would like to leave their mark on the world by doing something that makes the earth a better place. A will is a statement about what matters most in your life. By making a will, you can ensure that your intentions are clearly stated and will be followed by those administering your estate. If, after providing for family, friends or others, you include a meaningful gift to the CNCC Foundation, you will be contributing to the welfare of future generations of students.

A charitable bequest is a legal provision made by will, that names the Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation as the recipient of all or part of the donor’s estate. The bequest may be in the form of cash, real estate, securities or other property, as specified in the will. It is important to note that control of the assets named in the will remain under the control of the donor. These gifts enjoy special tax benefits allowed by the federal and state estate tax laws. These laws allow the donor to pass assets to the charity free of estate taxes and many of the limitations that normally apply to gifts.

Many of our friends want their gifts to provide for the general use of the College. However, some people specify particular departments or programs for the bequest, while others identify financial aid to students, or equipment for a special program. Since your bequest will play a vital role in the College’s future, and even though we will not receive your gift for many years, it is important to share your plans with Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation. The Foundation will have

the opportunity to acknowledge your thoughtfulness and generosity. You also will have the assurance that your gift and its designated use are understood by the College Foundation.

There are several kinds of charitable bequests, and each can easily be written into your will. You and your attorney can add a simple codicil that will accomplish the task. Below are two sample clauses that can be incorporated into your will.

“I give to the Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation the sum of ______ dollars (and/or ______shares of _________ Corporation and/or the following real property) to be used for general support purposes as determined by the Foundation’s Board.”

“I give the residue of my estate at my death to the Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation for general purposes of the College as determined by the Foundation’s Board.”

The type of bequest that is most appropriate for your situation can best be determined in consultation with your attorney and financial advisor. We can provide you and your estate planning advisor with additional information regarding charitable bequests at no obligation.

How You Benefit From Giving Real Estate
Life does, indeed, happen.

Sometimes there are enough changes in our lives that earlier decisions don’t seem to make as much sense as they did initially. Perhaps you purchased land several years ago intending to relocate and now you realize that a move is no longer on the horizon.

While evaluating your position, perhaps you can identify with these issues:

  1. You no longer need the property
  2. You do not want to continue paying property tax
  3. The market value of the property is not as high as had hoped;
  4. The real estate market is relatively “soft”; and
  5. The uncertain national economy has created cautious real estate investors.

While considering your options, we want you to know that Colorado Northwestern Community College is growing and the CNCC Foundation is building key donor support. The Foundation is raising funds to remodel older, out-dated buildings. We’re also building endowed scholarship funds to provide critical funding for needy students. There are great benefits to donating the property to our effort:

  • Tax benefits of the deductible contribution;
  • Helping to build and strengthen the College; and
  • Perpetual donor recognition.

We can help you through the process and provide the College with needed support for the future.

So you see, we have an interest in your property if you no longer want or need it. If you are interested in taking a closer look at this option, please give us a call or drop us a line.

We hope you choose to take a closer look at this option. It’s good for everybody.

How to Make a Gift
By Check: 
Please make checks payable to Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation and send to: CNCC Foundation, 500 Kennedy Drive, Rangely, CO 81648.

By Credit Card:
Call in a credit card gift to 800-562-1105 Ext 3200, our toll-free line.

Every gift makes a difference. Thank you for supporting Colorado Northwestern Community College!