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AccuPlacer/Placement Testing

What is it?

  • Accuplacer Testing is designed to see if you are ready for college level courses in the areas of Math, Reading, and English.  Accuplacer is not admission exam.  There is no pass or fail; accuplacer is an evaluation tool.  It specifically looks at what level of math, reading, and English courses you should be in to help ensure success in college level courses.
  • Depending on the level of Math, English, and Reading you are placed into can affect when you are able to take college level courses.
    • For example, if you place in English 030 you have to complete the following courses ENG 030, ENG. 060, ENG. 090 before you can take ENG. 121.  ENG. 121 is the college level English Course.  In addition, classes below ENG. 121 will not count towards a degree.  But they do count towards athletic eligibility and athletic GPA eligibility.
    • It is important to take the test seriously and come in well rested and prepared to test.

Study Guides
There are study guides available to help you refresh your memory before taking the accuplacer. Click on the links below.

If have the following ACT scores (Two years prior to enrollment) you do not have to take the accuplacer:

  1. English            18
  2. Reading            17
  3. Mathematics        19 (MAT 120)
  4. Mathematics        23 (MAT 121)

For the SAT you need the following scores:

  • Verbal (English and Reading) 440
    Mathematics 460
  • However, our past experiences indicate that a significant number of students who score higher than the scores listed but below 560 in Verbal and/or Mathematics experience difficulty in achieving success in college-level courses. If your relevant SAT scores fall within the 440/450-550 range, we strongly advise you to take the appropriate placement exam to ensure that you are placed into courses that optimize your likelihood of success in college.

Accuplacer Scoring Matrix - This table is intended to show students who are interested in better understanding how AccuPlacer determines their classroom placement.

Tips to prepare for Accuplacer:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep
  2. Eat a healthy meal before the test
  3. Come mentally prepared to test-get your mind into the testing format.
  4. Use the study guides to refresh your memory

The accuplacer has four areas of testing:

  1. Reading
  2. Arithmetic
  3. Elementary Algebra
  4. Sentence Skills (English)

Accuplacer Diagnostic has four testing areas Reading, Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and Sentence Skills.  The Diagnostic is not used for placement purposes but to look at which areas in a subject that a student may have trouble with.  Knowing what specifically what a student is missing in area can help them better focus their studying.

Advancer Plus is a more in depth study guide for accuplacer testing. The Advancer Plus is broken down by subject area. Please contact Sheila Harper about Advancer Plus.

Accuplacer Fees:

  1. $10.00 for entire Accuplacer Test
  2. $10.00 for two tests
  3. $ 5.00 for one test
  4. $ 10.00 Diagnostic Accuplacer Test in one area
  5. $ 15.00 proctoring fee for individuals who are not CNCC students.
  6. $ 33.00 for Advancer Plus for Accuplacer Testing


  1. You can retest at anytime in all areas or just in one area. You can only retest twice in a semester in every area.  If you test out of a current class, it allows you to move up to the next class level. However, you will receive the grade that you earned in the course you are currently enrolled in.  If you feel that you will not be able to a pass a course it is best to withdraw than receive a falling grade.

Contact the following people for more information:

charity [dot] stolworthy [at] cncc [dot] edu (Charity Stolworthy) Employee Directory
Coordinator of Counseling and Career Planning

sheila [dot] harper [at] cncc [dot] edu (Sheila Harper) Employee Directory
ALAP/Developmental Studies
To Schedule an Accuplacer test in Craig, call 970-824-1101.