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CNCC Pre-Dental Hygiene Program

CNCC Nationally Recognized Dental Hygiene program is a high quality program which consistently turns out exceptional Dental Hygienists. As such CNCC is continuously seeking exceptional students to attend the program. Some students are born exceptional, some are made. At CNCC we believe that our pre-DH program can make good students great students, and great students exceptional students.

CNCC offers a pre-DH program aimed at preparing students for the rigorous Dental Hygiene program by offering 3 Guaranteed Admission (GA) Plans. Students meeting the high standards set by CNCC and completing the programs will be guaranteed a seat in the following year’s Dental Hygiene program.

Accelerated 1-Year Plan
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Designed for students who are college ready in Math, English and Reading, and have a strong science background in Biology. Students will be required to prove completion of BIO 111 or test out of the course by completing CNCC’s final examination for the course.

2-year Plans

Designed for students wishing to complete an Associate of Arts or Sciences degree, student athletes who will have a rigorous sports schedule, students with weaker science backgrounds (need to take BIO 111), students with some developmental coursework in Math, English, or Reading, or students who wish to take the courses in a more relaxed 2 year format.

Contact CNCC Pre-Dental Hygiene Advisor

Students wishing more information about the Guaranteed Admission Program or any step in the process should contact:

jay [dot] mclaughlin [at] cncc [dot] edu (Jay McLaughlin) Employee Directory
Pre-Dental Hygiene Advisor
Phone: (970) 675-3254
Fax: (970) 675-8896

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Nationally many more individuals apply to dental hygiene programs than get accepted (only 33% of qualified applicants are accepted into dental hygiene programs each year). You need a good prerequisite experience and it can be gained here at Colorado Northwestern Community College.

Being a CNCC Pre-Dental Hygiene Student more than doubles your chances of gaining a seat in our DH program!

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