Dental Hygiene
Pre-Dental Hygiene Internship

What is HPR 180: Pre-Dental Hygiene Internship?

Provides students with the opportunity to supplement coursework with practical work experience related to their educational program. Students work under the immediate supervision of experienced personnel at the business location and with the direct guidance of the instructor. The course is a 2 credit hour internship requiring 90 hours of observation of a Dentist or Dental Hygienist.

What are the benefits of a Pre-Dental Hygiene Internship?

Students completing HPR 180 are awarded points on their Dental Hygiene Qualification & Ranking Sheet (PDF) This improves the chance that you will get into the Dental Hygiene program at CNCC. It also gives the Dental Hygiene faculty at CNCC an additional chance to know more about you as they read your daily journal and final report.

When can I do an Internship?

Students may complete an Internship at anytime, however, you can only register for the course in Fall or Spring semester. If you do not know which semester you will finish in, you may register for the course after completion of the Internship.

Internship Forms and Procedure
Getting Started: Finishing the Internship:
  • ☐ Have the dentist complete the Evaluation Form and Verification Form and have them mail it to the Internship Director.
  • ☐ Write a final/summary report.
  • ☐ Send your daily journal and summary report to the Internship Director.
  • ☐ Register for the Course.
Registering at CNCC for the Internship:
  • ☐ Apply to CNCC (Admissions Procedure) You only need to complete step 2.
  • ☐ Register for HPR180 through Crossroads. The CRN number for Spring 2014 is 31565.
  • ☐ You will be mailed/faxed/emailed (your preference) the Verification of Pre-Dental Hygiene Internship Form signed by the Internship Director which should be attached to your Dental Hygiene Application.

Contact CNCC Pre-Dental Hygiene Advisor

Students wishing more information about the Pre-Dental Hygiene Internship or the Guaranteed Admission Program or any step in the process should contact:

jay [dot] mclaughlin [at] cncc [dot] edu (Jay McLaughlin) Employee Directory
Pre-Dental Hygiene Advisor
Phone: (970) 675-3254
Fax: (970) 675-8896

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