Early Childhood Education

Teachers play an important role in fostering the intellectual and social development of children during their formative years. The quality of any early childhood program rests with the administration, directors, and teachers.  Whether the preschool/childcare program is a private “for-profit or non-profit,” a school district program, or a Head Start program, Early Childhood Teachers provide the tools and the environment for children to encourage their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development. 

Early Childhood Teachers work with children from ages 0 through 5They play a vital role in the development of children. What children learn and experience during their early years shape their views of themselves and the world and affects their later success in school, work, and their personal lives. These teachers help develop children’s math and language skills.  They introduce science when they let children observe ice melting; they introduce social studies when they lead a field trip to the local post office.  A quality early childhood program includes sharing and conversation time; stories, songs, and finger play; creative art activities and crafts; games; fine and gross muscle activities; and food preparation. 

Childhood is a unique and valuable stage in the human life cycle. As Early Childhood Educators, our paramount responsibility is to provide care and education in settings that are safe, healthy, nurturing, and responsive for each child. ECE teachers are committed to supporting children’s development and learning; respecting individual differences; and helping children learn to live, play, and work cooperatively. They are committed to promoting children’s self-awareness, competence, self-worth, resiliency, and physical well-being.


To keep in line with Colorado Rules and Regulations regarding adults who have contact with children, CNCC requires a background check.  Please visit American DataBank at the following web site and follow the instructions specific to CNCC.  https://coece.applicantcompliance.com/

CNCC offers the following options for Early Childhood…
Associate of Applied Science Degree in ECE
Individual ECE classes leading to an Early Childhood Teacher and/or Director Qualified certification through the Colorado Division of Child Care

Offered with a class delivery method that keeps your busy schedule in mind, the Early Childhood Program is taught through virtual classroom courses. These courses utilize a distance learning delivery platform called Elluminate Live!, providing real time interaction in all class sessions between the instructor and the students.

  • All courses are accessed from any location and any PC
  • Program delivery is great for those with full-time jobs
  • Teachers and students meet the same evening each week from 6:00 to 9:00 pm
  • One to two ECE class offered at a time for a 6 – 9 week time frame
  • Program curriculum is developmentally appropriate and based on Colorado Department of Human Services/Division of Child Care requirements
  • Course instructors are regional and are all experts in Early Childhood Education
  • Cohort advantages - provides a learning community with other program participants to enhance course and program completion for each student
  • Class sessions include lectures, demonstrations, group activities, observations of preschool programs, and discussions
  • All other activities and projects are completed online throughout the remainder of the week


Associate of Applied Science Degree in ECE

By combining the coursework in the Early Childhood Program with the appropriate 19 credit hours of general education courses and another 10 credit hours of electives, a student earns an Associate of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood.  This program is available on a cohort basis designed to offer courses in a specific timeframe.

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For program information, contact:

Judi Whilden, ECE Program Director judi [dot] whilden [at] cncc [dot] org or 970-824-1154