Human Resources

How do I apply for a position at Colorado Northwestern Community College?
For all professional positions, including faculty positions you may e-mail a cover letter, complete resume with names/addresses/phone numbers of three to five professional references to the Human Resources Office or mail the same to CNCC, 500 Kennedy Drive, Rangely, CO 81648. You may also contact the Human Resource Specialist for further information on available positions. CNCC does not accept general applications. Resumes must be specific to the job opening.

What benefits are available for full-time benefited employees?
You can find more information on our benefits under the employee tab in crossroads.

What is the deadline for turning in my timesheet and where do I submit it?
All payroll related material, including timesheets, must be turned in no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 10th of every month or the last working day before the 10th. Student work-study employees are required to turn in their completed and signed timesheets to their supervisor. The supervisor is responsible for submitting it on time to the Human Resources Office. All other timesheets are to be turned in to the Human Resources Office. All timesheets must be signed by both the employee and supervisor.

When is payday and where can I pick up my check or advances?
CNCC employees get paid once a month, on the last working day of the month unless otherwise notified by the Human Resource Specialist. Checks and advances can be picked up at the Cashier’s Office in the Johnson Bldg. Checks/advances are to be physically picked up unless prior arrangements have been made. (An advice is what employees receive when their pay is direct deposited. Listed are gross and net pay and all deductions.)

Where can I get a blank timesheet?
All blank timesheets can be picked up in the Human Resource Office in the tan cabinet in the hallway. Some supervisors may also provide these.

What kind of timesheet do I use?
Only students that are awarded funds through the Financial Aid Office under the work-study program will use the blue colored timesheets. All other employees recording hours on a timesheet will use the tan colored timesheet.

Where can I get a leave/travel request and how do I complete it?
You can find all of CNCC's forms here. CNCC Forms Page

Where can I get an up-dated balance of my leave time?
Contact the Human Resource Office for a printed updated leave balance form.

How can I make changes to existed payroll deductions?
Payroll deduction change forms can be found on the CNCC forms page. Complete the form with your change and submit it to the Human Resources Office by the10th of the month you want the deduction to be changed.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Human Resources
kim [dot] tucker [at] cncc [dot] edu (Kim Tucker) Employee Directory