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  1. Copyright Law on Licensed Software
    • It is illegal to duplicate software purchased except for one additional copy of each piece of software for protection against damage.
    • Infringement of a copyright law is subject to large fines against the institution and possibly against individuals(s) responsible.
    • The Colorado Attorney General's Office has stated that software should be treated as any copyrighted material. Accordingly, duplication is permissible only with written permission of the author or manufacturer with payment of license fees, if applicable.
  2. Colorado Northwestern Community College Computer Software Policy
    • Colorado Northwestern Community College purchases or licenses the use of copies of computer software from a variety of outside companies. It does not own the copyright to this software or its related documentation and, unless authorized by the software developer, does not have the right to reproduce it for use on more than one computer. Therefore, computer software will not be copied except for one (1) additional copy for security from damage.
    • College employees or students shall use software only in accordance with license agreement(s).
    • All hardware and software maintenance at any site, including the installation of software, shall require the written approval of the appropriate Vice President and a valid license must be recorded and on file in the appropriate office. Computer software will not be copied unless license fees for multiple copies have been paid.
    • Computer software which requires a special operating system will not be approved for purchase unless the required operating system is approved by the appropriate Vice President for the appropriate action.
    • Colorado Northwestern Community College employees or students learning of any misuse of software or related documentation within the College shall notify the appropriate Vice President for appropriate action.
    • Colorado Northwestern Community College employees or students who make, acquire or use unauthorized copies of computer software on Colorado Northwestern Community College computers shall be disciplined as appropriate under the circumstances. Such discipline may include termination for employees and appropriate disciplinary action for students.
  3. The use of Internet and email is a valuable resource for staff and students. CNCC has defined unacceptable use of these services in accordance with Board Policies. Unacceptable use includes:
  • Concealing or misrepresenting your name and affiliation.
  • The distribution of unsolicited advertising, broadcasting, spamming, or chain letters.
  • The display or sending of pornographic or sexually explicit material, or publicizing access to such material.
  • The display of any material that either discriminates or encourages discrimination on racial or ethnic grounds.
  • The display or sending any material which discriminates against any person on grounds of sex, gender, or sexual orientation and encourages such discrimination.
  • The propagation of computer worms and viruses.
  • The unauthorized entry to computational information, communications, devices, or resources.
  • The destruction of, unauthorized removal of, or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to Colorado Northwestern Community College or other users.
  • Any action which violates software copyrights and usage licensing agreements.