National Park Ranger


SLETP Academy Estimated Tuition 2013-2014:

Out of State Students: 


In-State Students:

Tuition/College Fees $5,784   Tuition/College Fees $3,024
Registration Fee $13   Registration Fee $13
Course Fees $153   Course Fees $153
Academy Fees $1,030   Academy Fees $1,030
Meals $1,476   Meals $1,476
Room $1,066   Room $1,066
Total $9,522   Total $6,762


(Based on $241/credit – Out-of-State tuition; $126/credit – In-State tuition; $17.50/day - Meals; $12.75/day – Room)

***While we realize that these prices seem high compared to other academies the above listed prices INCLUDE room and food as well as credit price. The G.I. Bill will assist in covering all expenses for the CNCC SLETP Academy.***

Listed fees above do not include Admission & Activities fees. Please see fees page.

Students are provided:

  • all learning materials
  • firearm & ammunition
  • uniform shirts
  • use of duty gear.

Students will need to bring:

  • uniform pants
  • boots
  • belt
  • laptop computer w/ ability to read current Adobe Acrobat files (pdf)

Please note **students who reside on campus must have meal plan**