Residence Life

Moving In
Residents are required to formally check in at the beginning of the semester with a member of the Residence Life staff. Students must officially check in no later than 5pm on the first day of classes in order to maintain their room assignment. Students who need to arrive after the deadline may have their assignment held for a limited period of time upon request of the Director of Residence Life. Check in will begin based on the student orientation schedule received before school begins. Students who arrive prior to the time stated on the orientation schedule will need to make accommodations to stay off campus. Upon check in, students will be accompanied to their room by a Resident Assistant. The student will review and sign a Room Inventory Form to confirm the present inventory of furniture and condition of the room. The room inventory sheet will become the basis for the assessment of charges due to damage or loss of furnishings. Any discrepancy will be resolved with the Director of Residence Life.

Fall 2013 Residence Halls Packing List

Moving Out

  1. Residence hall students must thoroughly clean their room and any College-provided appliances, and remove all personal belongings before they leave. Do we provide the materials/equipment in order to do so?
  2. The College will inspect a residence hall student's room before they turn in their keys, and will determine damages and cleaning costs.
  3. Residence hall students must be completely moved out by the deadline published (24 hours after the last final) but no later than 4:00 p.m. on the last day of the Semester. What about graduation Residence hall students will follow proper checkout procedures including but not limited to turning in their keys and completing their Room Inventory Form. Students who do not follow proper check-out procedures may be charged a minimum of $50 for failure to follow this policy. Residence hall students will also fill out a forwarding address card with the mailroom located in the Bookstore, downstairs in the Weiss Building.
  4. If a residence hall student fails to vacate the residence halls by the assigned time that student is subject to immediate residence hall eviction.