Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours

Check with your Resident Assistant to find out your hall's specific quiet hours. During quiet hours, all noise must be contained within individual rooms. During final exams, 24-hour quiet hours are in effect beginning at 12:00 a.m. on Sunday of finals week and ending after the last exam time.

At all other times, courtesy hours are in effect. Courtesy hours are defined as noise levels appropriate for residence hall living and not disruptive to others. This policy governs activities in individual rooms and outside in close proximity to the halls.

Residence Life staff members are available to help resolve noise-related problems. It is always best to try to resolve such problems yourself before asking staff to intervene.

While in the Colorado Northwestern Community College residence halls, residence hall students and their guests will not:

  • Make unreasonable and excessive noise, that is, noise that can be heard in the corridors or beyond the boundaries of their room.