Trapper CrossFit Fitness Center

CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

Trapper Fitness Center is now Trapper Fitness & CrossFit. We are a university club affiliate of CrossFit and are proud to be part of this exercise phenomena. There are certified CrossFit instructors at Trapper's and CrossFit classes taught through our Physical Education Department. The work outs of the day (WOD) are taught plus Jim Gregoire Director of the PE department on the Craig campus designs his own WOD's to complement the daily CrossFit web site posted WOD's. CrossFit is constantly varied functional movement with high intensity or varied intensity. It is an extremely well thought out scientific approach to human movement in the exercise venue that gathers immediate results. It has literally taken a hundred year's worth of exercise science and picked out all the relevant research and material and combined it into a program that is grounded in modern exercise physiology. No myths or old coaching tales are excepted unless they are proven to work. It is a hard yet very rewarding program to follow. You can read more about it by visiting the CrossFit Journal on the left, or reading this small excerpt here.

For more info please call: (970) 824-6932, email TrapperFitness [at] gmail [dot] com (Trapper Fitness).

  • Certified full-time trainer for personal training
  • Weight loss and life style change advice
  • Free-weights and strength machines
  • Spinning bikes and classes
  • Aerobics room and classes
  • Two raquetball courts (one may be used as basketball court)
  • Heavy bag workout area with three hanging bags and a speed bag
  • Cardio room with stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical's, and stair steppers
  • Ab and stretching room
  • Tanning bed room
  • Climbing gym with eight top rope locations
  • Locker rooms with showers
  • Special programs
    • Nu Me weight loss lifestyle club
    • Bolder Boulder training club
    • Power walking clinics