Rodeo - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get on the CNCC Rodeo Team?
    Rodeo is an open sport at CNCC. As long as you pay your dues, maintain full time credit hours, grade point average and follow team rules you can be a part of the team. Everyone can enter the collegiate rodeos as long as they meet eligibility requirements. The “varsity” or “points” team will consist of 6 men and 4 women, which is determined by points accumulated after the first two rodeos. Those not on the points team will keep their individual points earned, but they will not count for team points that week. After each rodeo, the team may change to reflect the total number of points each individual has accumulated. Points team members will receive travel stipend each weekend.
  2. What are hour requirements and grade point average requirements?
    You must be enrolled in 12 academic hours per semester. You must COMPLETE 12 hours per semester. You must have an accumulative GPA of 2.00 or 2.00 from the previous long semester. You must PASS 24 hours per year. If you drop below 12 hours in a long semester, you cannot rodeo and you cannot rodeo the next semester. See NIRA rulebook at for complete rules.
  3. What happens if I don't meet academic requirements?
    The first and foremost reason for attending CNCC is to receive a college degree or certificate. If you do not meet hour or GPA requirements you will lose your privilege to rodeo, privilege to practice at CNCC, and scholarship.
  4. How do I get started?
    There will be a general team meeting on the first Monday night of classes each fall to get memberships. Some things you will need will be a money order for $255.00* to NIRA for national dues, *(this may increase, so contact the office in August for the exact amount).

You will also need to supply CNCC with official transcripts of high school work with your date of graduation and any college transcripts where you have completed courses, even dual credit hours taken while in high school. Failure to supply any of these items may delay you competing in rodeos and practices.

  1. Where are the rodeos and what other colleges compete?
    CNCC Competes in the Rocky Mountain Region of the NIRA. The Rocky Mountain region consists of rodeos in Utah and Southern Idaho. There are 10 rodeos in a collegiate season. The rodeos are split between a Fall and Spring season.

    The following colleges are members of the Rocky Mountain Region:

    Colorado Northwestern Community College, Colorado Mesa University, College of Southern Idaho, Dixie State College of Utah, Idaho State University, Southern Utah University, Utah Valley University, Weber State University, and Snow College.
  2. Are there scholarships for rodeo and how do I receive one?
    There are academic and rodeo scholarships available. The best way to receive one is to have the ability to compete at the collegiate level and to work hard academically. The Coach will review what you have accomplished in and out of the arena, your SAT or ACT scores and GPA to determine scholarships. Scholarships may vary from stall scholarships to full tuition and board.
  3. Will I be excused from class to attend the college rodeos?
    Rodeo is a Varsity sport at CNCC and all travel absences are to be excused. It is the rodeo student’s responsibility to communicate with professors regarding any work that will be missed and make appropriate arrangements. Students need to keep teachers informed well in advance of planning to be absent and will be held responsible for any and all class work missed during rodeo travel.
  4. Where can I keep my horse or horses, trailer?
    CNCC boards horses and practices at Columbine Park, a very short drive from campus. There are indoor and covered stalls available at $45 a month per horse with a 1 time $100 cleaning deposit (Per renter not per horse). Tack and Hay storage can be limited so it is important to call and reserve your stalls early if you will be bringing horses.
  5. Does the rodeo team travel together to the rodeos?
    Each student contestant is responsible for his or her own travel and accommodations. However many students travel together to help save on expenses. There may be some rodeos where a team van will travel to and from the rodeo at no charge to the students.
  6. What happens if I am hurt during rodeo competition?
    CNCC does not provide individual insurance for rodeo team members and is not liable for any injuries. Students should be aware of the inherent dangers and risks associated with rodeo and traveling. Membership in the NIRA includes a secondary insurance policy for travel to intercollegiate rodeos, practice, and participation in approved rodeo. It will pay up to 80% of cost left after as student’s insurance has paid, but there is a deductible.

    All students must have a primary insurance carrier.
  1. What about practice?
    Practice is available for NIRA members at the Columbine Park practice facilities. Rough Stock practice will be held twice weekly, Timed Events practice will be held 2-3 per week.  There are 3 separate arenas to ride in as well as the groomed track, round pens, and access to over one million acres of BLM land with direct access from Columbine Park.

    Students are expected to care for CNCC equipment and livestock. Any rough or inhumane treatment to livestock, equipment or facilities can call for fines or disciplinary actions.

    It is mandatory for students to attend and assist at all practices and team workouts. To achieve great success as a team, we must work together to achieve our goals!
  1. How do you qualify for the CNFR?
    The top 3 individuals from each region in each event qualify for the CNFR as well as the top two competitors in the all-around. Also the top two teams in regional point standings qualify. Competition teams consist of 6 men and 4 women. Teams are filled with individuals in top 3 first, and then if spots are available, they are filled with the individuals with the most total points for our team.
  2. What are other requirements?
    Students must attend all team meetings, workouts, lectures and functions.

    Students are required to participate in various fundraisers, community events, and appearances.

  3. Where can I find out more about the NIRA?
    Visit the NIRA website at

For more information about Rodeo please contact: jed [dot] moore [at] cncc [dot] edu (Coach Moore) Employee Directory by phone: (970) 629-3581 or (800) 562-1105 x3259