Campuses & Service Centers

The Rangely Campus is located at 500 Kennedy Drive in Rangely. It was founded in 1962 and is a residential campus with four residence halls.

The community of Rangely, just 20 miles southeast of Dinosaur National Monument on the Dinosaur Diamond National Scenic Byway, is center to one of the last areas of the West explored by European settlers. Nestled in the lower White River Valley at the heart of the Canyon Pintado National Historic District, the community boasts access to green forests riddled with wildlife, high desert plateaus, and plunging canyons marked with petroglyphs and pictographs left by the native Fremont and Ute civilizations.

Explore numerous hiking and mountain biking trails; catch glimpses of pronghorn antelope, deer, elk and even wild horses; stargaze under crystal clear skies; take in views of the Rangely Rims; and simply ogle at this geological wonderland where the dinosaurs once roamed. The Rangely Outdoor Museum offers insight into life on the frontier during the early days of oil extraction, while county roads wind alongside working oil rigs; you boat, fish or swim on the White River and Kenney Reservoir; enjoy a round at the Cedar Ridges Golf Course; or soak in the pool at the Recreation Center. All facilities are open to visitors and residents.