Emergency Medical Services

CNCC offers both EMT Basic and EMT Intermediate training as well as additional courses to meet requirements for recertification or to further knowledge and skills in the EMS field.

Make a difference in your community!
Many EMS organizations, especially in rural areas, rely heavily on the goodwill of community members to serve as volunteers. As an EMT, you will provide immediate medical care for people with a sudden injury or illness. Family, friends and neighbors will appreciate knowing they can count on people like you to help them in their greatest time of need.

Want a career that makes a difference?
There are many opportunities for employment as an emergency medical professional. EMTs can work for fire departments, private ambulance services, hospitals as well as in industrial settings.

What does it take to become an Emergency Medical Technician?
Get Trained
Get Nationally Certified
Get State Certified
Get Going! Now you are ready to volunteer or work as an EMS provider