General Education
Liberal Arts - Welcome

With the Associate of Arts, students can fulfill general education requirements and prepare for careers in English, communications, humanities, social sciences, law, and other fields. The AA will transfer to most four-year colleges and universities to fulfill most, if not all, gen ed requirements for Bachelor’s Degrees. And the advantage is that students can do so with great financial savings and with the personal attention of a small college. Too often, the first two years at a university mean huge classes of 600 -800 as students fulfill their general education requirements; they become depersonalized, one number among many. But at CNCC, students are not just numbers: they are important, noticed, and valued, interacting and learning in small classes with fellow students, advisors, and teachers they get to know well.

The program is balanced; students complete 60 credits in communications and English, humanities, social sciences, science and math; they also have 22 hours of elective credit to fulfill. Students are guided through these choices by advisors and teachers who care about them; our students’ challenges and problems are ours, the college staff’s, as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.