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Looking for a Unique Marine Science Program?

                 Marine Sciences at CNCC is just that. Offering you a two year program  that will jump start your education and career in marine sciences. Our small class sizes, instructor led labs,  focus on hands-on science, and emphasis on experiential educational opportunities will not only give you a strong foundation for your four-year degree, it will set you apart from other four-year university transfer students.

Why Study Marine Science At CNCC?

     - You will obtain your open water diving certification within your first year. This is necessary for most marine science labs at major four year universities.

     - You will gain real scientific diving experience during your second year.

     - You will visit a marine lab an conduct field observations and experiments, giving you the technical know-how necessary for studying marine sciences.

     - Your classes will utilize the amazing geology of Colorado to learn about Earth’s processes that influence the ocean.

     - Small class and lab sizes build a sense of community and support to help you achieve your full potential.

     - Our Marine science club offers place-based experiential opportunities beyond the classroom to expand your real-world skills, understanding, and appreciation for the marine sciences.

Where can I transfer after I finish my two-year degree at CNCC?

As a part of the WUE system, CNCC offers direct credit transfers to over 75 four-year universities with the WUE tuition discount. Former CNCC graduates have gone on to study at Humboldt University in California, University of Hawai'i Manoa, University of Hawai'i Hilo. By starting your education at CNCC and transferring to a WUE institution, students can save up to $40,000 on their four-year education.

What can I do with a Marine Science Degree?

Marine science encompasses many different field of science ranging from marine biology to engineering.  Begin your exploration of careers at .

How can I get more information?

We can contact you, answer any questions, and talk about scholarships we have for you.  Click here

Program course requirements

How can I apply?

CNCC is an open-enrollment institution. You only need a high school diploma to get started! APPLY to CNCC

Students wishing more information about the Marine Science Program should contact:

Leah [dot] Thompson-Ellis [at] cncc [dot] edu (Ellis Thompson-Ellis) Employee Directory
Marine Science Instructor
Phone: (970) 675-3256
Fax: (970) 675-8896