Residence Life
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a “Residence Hall” and a “dorm”?
A big one! The term "dorm" originates from the Latin word "dormitus," meaning to sleep. Although we want students to be able to sleep in the residence halls, they are more interactive communities where hall staff and hall councils work hard to provide fun programs which provide personal and educational growth and development of students.

Do I have to live in a Residence Hall?
CNCC has a live in requirement for all first year students.

How do I submit a maintenance request?
To fill out a maintenance request click "Maintenance Request" on the right, or go there from here.

What are the chances of getting into the Hall I want?
Chances are good to get your hall preference as long as you fill out your housing application before July 1st.

Are single rooms available?
Yes, there are single rooms in Nichols and Holland East Hall.

What if I don’t get along with my roommate?
Learning to live with a roommate can be quite an adjustment. We feel that learning to get along with a roommate and learning to embrace diversity while better defining yourself is an integral part of the on-campus experience. If, however, you feel you have been improperly matched and cannot live with a particular roommate, you may put your name on our waiting list and we will contact you as space becomes available. The waiting list is available in the Weiss building or email us at housing [at] cncc [dot] edu

What furnishings will be in my room?
All student rooms are equipped with a bed (extra long twin), a desk and chair, bookshelves, closet, bureau, and a waste basket. The rooms also include expanded basic cable TV service and an Ethernet jack.

How do I make long distance calls?
All student rooms (Except Holland Apartments) are equipped with free local phone service. In order to make long distance calls students must provide a phone card.

What should I bring?
Basically, anything you think you'll need in order to feel at home. Remember that you'll probably be sharing a room with another person, so try not to bring so much you'll both feel crowded. We highly recommend calling your roommate so you can coordinate what to bring. For suggestions look at the moving in section of the Residence Life website.

Will I be able to study in my hall?
Of course. Most of the halls have study lounges, and you can study in your room. If you find that you cannot study because your neighbor is too loud, simply ask them to keep their volume down. Most will reciprocate, knowing that they will need the favor returned someday. If they are uncooperative, ask your hall staff to intervene. If having a quiet environment is a priority, you may want to apply to live in one of our quiet halls such as Holland East which is a 24 hours quiet hall.

Are pets allowed in the Residence Halls?
Only fish in a five-gallon tank and plants.

Will the Residence Halls be open during break?
The Residence Halls will be open during Thanksgiving and Spring Break. Winter Break the Residence Halls will be completely closed.

Where do I eat?
Your student ID card works in the Johnson Building Cafeteria. You can choose your meal plan based on the amount of meal you would like a week: 19 meals, 15 meals with Flex Cash or 14 meals a week. We are in the process of building a smaller deli/café.