Vision Learning Community
Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

  • “These past two years I have grown tremendously with my leadership, service, and scholastic abilities since joining the Learning Community… The partnership this program has with the college is critical for students to enhance their abilities. With the devoted faculty and staff, students can be involved in practically everything.”

  • “This program has helped boost up my résumé to get into a better college. Now I have a whole profile that will help me shine – for hopes of getting into a college of my choice.”

  • “In our group we not only discuss what we will do, we actually put these ideas in motion to help better the community. During the meetings we all put in thought for our projects. It is never a one man job, everyone is involved somehow. And through these projects we not only better the community, but ourselves as well.”

  • “Through being a part of the Learning Community, I have been able to get plugged in with the Rangely community. If I had not taken this opportunity to be a part of this group, I would not have gotten to experience all these things that I have in the two years that I have attended CNCC.”

  • “It is a very organized, committed, energetic group that wants to participate and bring the community together.”

  • “From the hardships that appeared along the way to the smiles and happiness brought to the long-term care patients, Learning Community has played a part in not just the college campus community, but also that of the Rangely community.”