D2L – Desire to Learn

Brightspace by D2L (Desire2Learn)

All faculty members at CNCC are expected to use Brightspace (formerly D2L) for submitting grades, posting a class syllabus, and receiving student assignments. While this is the minimum requirement for all faculty, this learning management system (LMS) offers faculty the ability to do much more. Think of this LMS as a way to reach every student in the classroom 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With its ability to post videos, update students on class activities, upload class lecture materials, and communicate with students using discussion boards, chats, and drop boxes, Brightspace by D2L extends the classroom in ways that are new and innovative.

For new faculty members, CNCC offers training on Brightspace by D2L at the beginning of each semester. During this training, faculty members will gain access to OMG D2L for Instructors, an online course that covers the main features of this LMS.

After that, the LMS administrator is available for individual appointments to help faculty master this useful learning tool. In addition, new faculty may also contact one of our D2L Faculty Consultants who have demonstrated mastery of different parts of this LMS. To find a consultant, just click on the box below.

If you experience a technical issue with D2L (something used to work, but it no longer does), please file a ticket at OsTicket

Brightspace by D2L Videos

Video Library (updated regularly)

Intelligent Agents

Learn how to use Intelligent Agents to automatically notify your students of their performance in your class.

D2L Navigation

Learn how to navigate D2L as an instructor for CNCC.


Releasing Grades in D2L

This tutorial demonstrates how to release grades in D2L so that students can see current grades. This is also necessary so that your grades can be pulled for the 3-week grade checks at CNCC.

Using the Dropbox

The dropbox is a useful tool in D2L. It allows instructors to collect assignments electronically and to check these assignments for plagiarism.


Setting Restrictions

Restrictions allow you to determine when a student can view and submit assignments, discussion, and quizzes. You will also learn how to give students access to an assignment that has been closed.

View Hidden Content in D2L

Sometimes students are not able to see outside content in D2L. This content is usually in the form of a youtube video, a prezi presentation, or some other third-party application. Learn how to view this content in Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer.