Early Alert/Student Referral

CNCC Advising and Intervention

Grade Checks: Early Alert Spring 2016

Grade Checks occur every three weeks.

Dates for Spring Semester: Fridays: January 30, February 20, March 13, April 3

Process: Instructors update their grades at the scheduled dates in Desire2Learn. A report is pulled that coordinates between Banner information and D2L the following Monday. The grades are sent to the Learn Center Coordinator, ALAP Director, Advising/Counseling staff, and partial reports are sent to the coaches and advisors with the proper student information.

Student Intervention: All students receive an email listing all of their classes and current grades in each along with the LC/ALAP schedule and additional information on how to be successful in higher education.

Students failing two or more classes: Receive an additional invitation to meet with advising and intervention staff. They receive an email, a phone call or a letter requesting a meeting. During this meeting, students receive a “Consultation with Instructor” form to go over with their instructors. (See attached)

(Rangely) Athletes failing two or more classes: Additional communication with coaches, LC, and student. Additional study hours, potential pull from travel with the team, or other tactics to improve their academic performance.

Referral Forms: from instructors throughout semester

When to use: Use the referral form when a student has: (check boxes in database)

Behavior Issues:

  • Personal issues: Demonstrates reason for concern, change in behavior, etc.
  • Poor attendance or consistently late

Academic Issues:

  • Class engagement
  • Missing assignments
  • Low quiz/test scores
  • Missing skills: reading, writing, computer, study, comprehension, computation

Use the Comment section to explain.

You do not need to use the referral form during grade checks if it is about grades. Referrals should not duplicate instructors’ work, but rather state an issue that is either not grade related or is grade related in between grade checks.

Intervention Process:

  • The intervention team will pull report every Monday.
  • Student Intervention: Depending on the situation, counseling/advising or LC/ALAP staff meets with the student. Coaches, advisors, tutors, professional counseling, etc. may be included in planning for success with the student.

Incident Report Form

When to use: Use this form when a student demonstrates an act of violence or extreme disrespect in the classroom or outside of class on school property.

Student Intervention: Depends on the situation. This is added to student’s file and assists the safety officer with seeing a pattern of problematic behavior.


Student Referral Form

If you are looking for the student referral form, please contact Ryan Wilson at x3288. In the Spring 2015 semester, CNCC moved to a form on a local server that will need to be installed on your computer to complete a student referral.