Lecture Capture Technology

On the Rangely campus, faculty have the ability to capture their lectures using the Crestron DMPS systems in rooms 106, 102A, and 102B. Using a touch screen that is located at each lecture podium, faculty can capture the screen that is displayed through the projector as well as their movements through a camera that is mounted on the back wall of each room.

After the lecture is recorded, the DMPS uses FTP to upload each video onto the server CNCCRAWEB01. This upload process is automated and is completed within 10 minutes of stopping the lecture capture device. Once the lecture is uploaded to CNCCRAWEB01, faculty will then use YouTube and D2L to post that video to their classes for students to view. To learn how to do this, please watch the tutorials on this page.

Upload Lecture to YouTube

Learn how to upload a lecture that has been recorded in the Rector building on the CNCC Rangely campus. Documentation with user names and passwords is available in Crossroads.

Inserting Lecture Videos into D2L

Learn how to insert a YouTube lecture into a D2L content page for students to view. Documentation is available in Crossroads.