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Training Resources    (Faculty – Adjunct – Instructor)

CNCC email

Virtual Classroom Adjuncts 
CNCC welcomes you to our team!  
 1) Complete all forms and submit to Human Resources:  HR Forms
     2) Read and follow:   VC Adjunct Requirements
      3) Review and complete to prepare for your course:
Virtual Classroom Adjunct Best Practices
Course Guidelines
 4) Go over: VC Checklist
 5) Elluminate Training for Instructors
Instructor Elluminate Training recordings
      6) Review Necessary resources to view from left margin:
Checking Banner Rosters
Posting Grades on Banner
    7) Review copywrite regulations:
 8) Virtual Classroom adjuncts will follow established CNCC compensation policies.
In addition, new virtual classroom adjuncts will be compensated one (1), one-time, training and course development.
This also applies to full-time faculty teaching a virtual classroom course as an overload to their regular assigned
course load contract.
9Virtual Classroom Adjuncts shall find HR assistance and policies at:
            Virtual Classroom Course Evaluation: Pleae have students complete during last day of class
           All virutual classroom adjuncts must adhere to CCCS policies and requirements:
           Virtual Classroom Accuplacer Proctoring Procedures
Verification form

           Virtual Classroom Instructor Resources
Online Course
Simplifying Online Course Design
Adjunct ReManaging Your source Packet

            Lesson Plan

Degree Works

       Need to help a student see if they are on track to graduate? DegreeWorks is a very helpful advising tool – check it out!
Degree Works is a program that utilized by Advisors and Admission to track where you are at in completing your degree.
At any time you can use degree works to track your progress.

Copyright regulations

A.E.D. – Automated External Defibrillators – CRAIG CAMPUS

Magna Online Seminar

AED Training Video (posted with permisson of company):
Craig Campus Map Showing AED Locations
1st Floor – Mailroom   Rm.# 150M
2nd Floor – Workroom   Rm.# 250L