Guaranteed Admission to the CNCC Dental Hygiene Program will be granted to students who attend Colorado Northwestern Community College, earn an Associate of Science Degree over the course of two consecutive academic years, and meet all the terms and conditions outlined below.

First Year Coursework

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Course Description Cr. Course Description Cr.
BIO 111 General College Biology I 5 BIO 204 Microbiology* 4
ENG 121 English Composition I* 3 MAT 121+ College Algebra (or higher) 3
PSY 101 General Psychology* 3 ENG 122 English Composition II 3
AH Arts and Humanities - elective 3 HIS History 3
ELECT Elective - student choice 2-3      
Total Credits 16-17 Total Credits 13

Second Year Coursework

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
BIO 201 Anatomy and Physiology I* 4 BIO 202 Anatomy and Physiology II* 4
CHE 101 Introduction to Chemistry I 5 CHE 102 Intorduction to Chemistry II* 5
COM 115 Public Speaking* 3 SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology* 3
AH Arts and Humanities Elective 3 HWE 100 Human Nutrition* 3
Total Credits 15 Total Credits 15

*Courses are required by the DH program to graduate with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Dental Hygiene.

Download: Dental Hygiene Guaranteed Admission Plan

Terms and Conditions

  1. Student must declare intent to participate in the program by submitting a Guaranteed Admission Program Application, a Letter of Self-Recommendation, three Letters of Reference, and Office Experience From to the Dental Hygiene Program Chair by March 15th of the year preceding attedning CNCC. After acceptance to the GA Program a $500.00 non-refundable deposit is due May 1st, which will be applied to tuition and fees during the first term of enrollment in the CNCC Dental Hygiene Program. This deposit is non-refundable if the student fails to meet the terms and conditions of the Guaranteed Admission Program. Students must be registered for Fall semester courses by April 15th. 
  2. Guaranteed admission into CNCC's Dental Hygiene Program is dependent upon an earned grade point average of 2.8 or higher on al pre-requisite courses and general education courses applicable to the Associate of Applied Science. A grade of "C" in any required course is only acceptable if GPA remains at the minimum of a 2.8. Students must pass and complete every course they are registered for while in the GA program. Classes may not be repeated to earn more points. A received grade of a "D" or "F" will result in automatic dismissal of the program. A withdrawl (W) or an administrative drop (AD) is equivalent to a failure. All classes must be complete and meet these standards by the end of spring semester preceding admission to the Dental Hygiene Program.
  3. BIO 201, BIO 202, BIO 204, and CHE 102 must be completed at a CNCC campus. Other pre-requisite courses and general education courses applicable to the AAS in Dental Hygiene may be taken through online delivery (through CNCC), CLEP, or through independent study under the Guaranteed Admission Program.
  4. A maximum of 15 credits will be accepted in transfer under the Associate of Science Guaranteed Admission Program, excluding BIO 201, BIO 202, BIO 204, and CHE 102. These science courses must be completed at a CNCC campus.
  5. Student must be in good academic standing to be admitted to the Dental Hygiene Program.Any form of academic disciplinary action will result in loss of position in the Dental Hygiene Program.
  6. A student who fails to meet terms and conditions will not be guaranteed admission; however, the student may apply to the CNCC Dental Hygiene program through the general application process and compete with other applicants for a position in the program.


For more information on Dental Hygiene contact:
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Pre-Dental Hygiene Advisor