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If you can summarize an academic philosophy in four words, ours would be relevant, practical and success oriented. At Colorado Northwestern you’ll discover a full range of core curriculum designed not only to provide a rock solid foundation for an undergraduate degree, but we offer an extraordinary array of success-oriented services.Start with a faculty dedicated to the vision of CNCC. We’ve discovered that small class sizes not only attract some of the best students in the country, they also attract a high caliber faculty. As it turns out, faculty thrive on personal interaction with students too. We have a remarkably low turn over rate… because it’s a great place to teach.

Add to that an impressive program of student success professionals and facilities. Both campuses are equipped with learning centers where students receive tutoring, they have papers reviewed and proofed, and they can find an advocate who is truly interested in their success.

And finally, our Academic Degree programs are guaranteed to transfer to four year colleges in Colorado and many in other states. Studies have shown that students who completed their two year degrees at a community college were better prepared for their junior and senior years than comparable students who started their college career at a four-year school.