Cosmetology Degree and Certificate Information

Cosmetology students may choose from a wide range of degrees and certifications. The Associate of Applied Science Degree requires an additional 16 credit hours of general education credits on top of 60 specialized credits. For a complete listing of specialized courses view our Course Catalog, or contact Program Director.

Associate of Applied Science in Cosmetology

Course Credits
AAS General Education Requirements 16
Communication 3
Natrural & Physical Science 4
Mathmatics 3
Social and Behavioral Science 3
Electives 3
Specialized Course Requirements 60
Total Required Credits 76

There are numerous jobs available for graduates who earn certificates and degrees in Cosmetology. Click here for national statistics and facts about Aviation training and the job outlook for graduates: Gainful Employment.

Total Specialized Credits

Course Total Credits
Occupational Certificate – Cosmetology 60
Occupational Certificate – Barbering 50
Occupational Certificate – Esthetician 20
Barbering Certificate (Cosmetology Plus) 10

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