Marine Science
Degree Information

Many Marine Science programs have similar prerequisite courses. In conjunction with an adviser you can create an individualized plan of study to apply to those programs.

General Education Courses Credits
Specialized Course Requirements
Written Communication 6
Oral Communication 3
Mathematics 3
Arts and Humanities 6
History 3
Social & Behavioral Sciences 6
Total 27


General Education Courses Credits
General College Biology I & II 10
General College Chemistry I & II 10
Physics I & II 10
General Oceanography I 4
Scuba Diving 1
Open Water Diver 1
Total 36

For complete course descriptions and detailed requirements, view for the current CNCC Course Catalog.

Rangely Campus Plan of Study
– A detailed Plan of Study for completing an Associate of Sciences on the Rangely campus.

Due to the wide variety of starting points, and the large number of institutions a student might transfer too, it is highly recommended that you contact an Adviser to explore the specific
program that you want apply too.

Contact Information

Email: Ellis Thompson-Ellis, M.S. – Instructor of Natural and Physical SciencesPhone: (970) 675-3256