Massage Therapy Application

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Applications are available any time.
Admission is on first come, first served basis until the class is full.
Deadline for submission is August 8, 2012.
This deadline may be extended if there are openings available in the program.

Only complete applications (with transcripts or Accuplacer scores attached) will be considered. If academically qualified, students will be admitted to the Massage Therapy program after:

  1. Transcripts or Accuplacer scores have been reviewed by Program Chair, and
  2. Confirmation page of Criminal Background check through American DataBank


You as the applicant needs to affirm that you understand the following statements by entering your initials into the form fields next to the statements.

Applicants will be notified of their status.
It is the applicants responsibility to assure that their phone number and email address are current.
If unable to contact by phone and/or student does not respond to two phone
contacts, the next eligible candidate will be contacted to begin class in fall.

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