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The Psychology Program at Colorado Northwestern is designed to provide students with a solid foundation for a wide range of career and educational paths. We offer both Associate of Science (AS) and Associate of Arts (AA) degrees, both of which are guaranteed to transfer to in-state four-year colleges.The Associate of Science degree concentrates on the science aspects of psychology and is designed for the student who wants to pursue graduate studies toward a Masters, Phd or MD. The degree lays a rock-solid base for further study in Psychology.

The Associate of Arts degree concentrates more on the social aspects of psychology. It’s designed for the student interested in the counseling side of psychology and may want to enter into the counseling field soon after graduating.

We recommend setting up an appointment with one of our faculty to help you determine which program is the best fit for you.

Why should I invest in an Associate Degree when my desire is to earn my Bachelor’s right away?

Good Question. The common myth today is that foundational course work at a community college is inferior to the same classes at a big university. The truth is that earning your Associate Degree at CNCC has some distinct advantages:

  • You’ll save a substantial amount of money. Tuition and fees at CNCC are a fraction of the costs of a four-year school.
  • Our small class size means that one-on-one attention isn’t rare, it’s the rule.
  • Degree programs are guaranteed to transfer to four-year colleges in Colorado.
  • Transitioning to college life is easier at a small college.

For more information contact:

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Instructor of Psychology

and Sociology

Jessica Kruger, M.A.
Phone: (970) 675-3203
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Instructor of Psychology
Kathryn (Ryn) Deitz, Ph.D.
Phone: (970) 824-.1117