Academic Support

Committed to Academic Success

At CNCC students take advantage of a full array of resources designed to help them succeed in college. From Academic Advising, to Tutoring and Learning Centers, and an Early Alert system, CNCC has the faculty and learning professionals in place to maximize student success.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising at CNCC is an intentional, educational partnership between a student and their adviser that has one, bottom-line goal: helping students succeed.

Advisers generally meet with students at least once a semester, helping them learn how to make decisions about their college experience, as well as provide academic assistance.

Academic Advisers are well-versed in the programs of CNCC and how they can integrate into life after CNCC.

  • Help students explore a variety of career opportunities
  • Assist students in selecting a degree or certificate to match their goals
  • Provide accurate and complete information about degree requirements
  • Advise students in selecting appropriate courses each semester
  • Ensure students are on track for graduation
  • Help students with transferring to other colleges or universities
  • Provide referrals for additional support services


Academic Support Services Contact Information


Student Success and Retention Coordinator

Caitlan Moore

Phone: (970) 675-3205

Advising and Program Specialist

Candra Robie

Phone: (970) 675-3356


Director of Housing & Advising

Kirk Lee

Phone: (970) 675-3228

Director of Developmental Education

Sarah Owens

Phone: (970) 675-3242


Academic Adviser/Student Services Director

Jennifer Holloway

Phone: (970) 824-1103