Applying for admission to Colorado Northwestern is easy and it only takes about ten minutes. One of the great things about most community colleges in Colorado is that they all have a policy called "open enrollment." That means the only requirement for admission is that you fill out an application. Once that's done you're well on your way to a new adventure. Here are some things you'll need to look at once you've applied:

Above all we want you to know there are knowledgeable, friendly people to help you on both of our campuses. Call us. We'll help you make good decisions.

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Here are some key people you're likely to meet...

Rangely Badge


Kat Tredeaux

(970) 675-3214
Cell: (970) 629-1836

Grace Stewart

(970) 675-3218

 Craig Badge Recruiter and Admissions Advisor
Bryant Cox

Office: (970) 824-0840
Cell: (970) 629-5756

Admisitrative Assistant
Carol Sharp

Office: (970) 824-1101