Resident Assistant


What is a Resident Assistant?

A Resident Assistant (RA) is a student staff member of Colorado Northwestern DSC_0986who oversees a floor in 1 of our 3 residence halls. RA’s are responsible for building a community within their assigned residents, and enhance the overall experience of the students living on campus. These student staff members are the initial contact in the residence halls to help address any student concern or issues.

Our goal is to have Resident Assistants make a happy, healthy, and a successful living space for our residence halls at CNCC.


Responsibilities of an RA

The Residents Assistants are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that are within five major categories. These tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Community Development
    • Be available and accessible to floor/hall residents
    • Develop positive relationships with residents
    • Encourage community development
  • Student Programming
    • Provide quality, social, and educational programming for residents
    •  Actively participate in and support campus and departmental programming
  • Leadership and DisciplineDSC_0963
    • Respond to any incidents when on call, and perform the appropriate amount of rounds
    • Serve as a role model to all CNCC students
    • Uphold and follow the Student Code of Conduct
    • Enforce all college and residence hall policies
  • Information Source
    • Assist students with personal, social, and academic problems
    • Be familiar with all campus and community resources to assist residents with problems
    • Know emergency protocols
  • Administrative Tasks
    • Attend weekly staff meetings and biweekly one on one meetings
    • Assist with opening and closing activities.
    • Participate in weekly and weekend building duty  rotation
    • Complete the following administrative tasks in a timely fashion: check in, check out, room inventory forms, maintenance requests, surveys, behavioral complaints, and other task assigned by the Residence Life Coordinator’s

Selection & Employment

The Resident Assistant Selection process begins in March, in search for filling open positions for the following school year. Interested candidates can pick up applications from the Residence Life office front desk in Weiss or download them here.

DSC_0959Candidates must fill out the application completely, and include a resume, letter to your residents, and 3 reference forms (2 Faculty/Staff, and 1 RA). If you are a student athlete, please provide a signed letter from your coaching staff stating they support you as an RA, they understand the time commitment associated with being an RA, and their willingness to be flexible.

The individual and group interviews are conducted with the Professional Residence Life Staff. Candidates on the Rangely Campus can schedule there individual interview with Vanessa Huber, Residence Life Administrative Assistant, between 9 am and 2 pm, Monday thru Friday, upon completion of application. Candidates on the Craig Campus can turn their application into Barry Steadman, Student Life Coordinator. The interview will consist of some student conduct question, please review the Student Handbook.

RA Selection outline:

  • RA Applications Open
  • RA Info NightDSC_0958
    • Want more information about being an RA? Come to our Q & A
      event on March 16th at 6:30 PM in the Weiss Conference room
  • RA Applications Close
  • Formal interviews
  • Group Interview
  • RA Position Announcements

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Residence Life office at