Concurrent Enrollment Step 4: Choose your College Courses

Meet with a CNCC Concurrent Enrollment specialist

To determine whether you meet the entry requirements for your planned college courses and how to fit college courses in to your post secondary academic plan. Contact Julie Hoff at (970)291-9099 or Julie Hoff to schedule a CNCC advising appointment.

Course Pre-requisites

High school students who are seeking to enroll in a Guaranteed Transfer or generally transferable course must meet the following testing requirements or per-requisites in addition to any course specific requirements. Course specific requirements can be found in the CNCC Course Catalog.

[table] Course Subject, Accuplacer Test, ACT Test, SAT test English, Reading 80 or Sentence 99, Reading 17 or English 18, Reading 470 or English 470 Arts and Humanities, Reading 80 or English 99, Reading 17 or English 18, Reading 470 or English 470 Social Sciences and History, Reading 80 or English 99, Reading 17 or English 18, Reading 470 or English 470 Sciences (English and Math scores requires), Reading 80 or Sentence 99 and Elem. Alg 85, Reading 17 or English 18 and Math 19, Reading 470 or English 470 and Math 500 Math, See course specific requirements,See course specific requirements,See course specific requirements [/table]

Schedule an Accuplancer test

Please visit Concurrent Enrollment Accuplacer testing for more information and to schedule your test.

Popular Concurrent Enrollment degree/certificate worksheets

Students enrolling for Concurrent courses through their HS and CNCC MUST declare a postsecondary course of study. This does not mean that a student must complete that particular course of study, but it does mean that the courses a student enrolls for must apply towards that course of study. Any of the CNCC degrees or certificates are eligible courses of study. Worksheets can be found in the CNCC Course Catalog. The following degree worksheets are popular concurrent enrollment courses of study:

  • Associate and Arts
  • Associate of Science
  • Agriculture Certification
  • Cosmetology Certification
  • Automotive Technician Certification

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