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Life Long Learing Frequently Asked Questions

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COVID-19 Repsonse Plan


Refund Policy

Financial Assistance


Customized Classes (For groups 5 or more)

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If you have a question not answered on this page, please contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling (970-824-1118.


COVID-19 Response Plan

For in-person training and classes when you gather for a class, please plan to keep each other safe by following signs and instructions provided. 


In addition, we ask that you follow the guidelines below. 

  • Face coverings are required while on campus or in CNCC classes until further notice.
  • Limit the number of people in a classroom at one time.
  • Use provided cleaning supplies such as disinfecting wipes, disinfectant sprays, and hand sanitizer.
  • Practice good personal hygiene by washing hands and using hand sanitizer regularly. 
  • Maintain a safe social distance from others of at least 6 ft. whenever possible.
  • Depending on the class and/or based on community infection rates you may also be asked to complete a health pre-screening before entering classrooms.

If extreme social distancing measures are mandated: 

  • Classes that can be completed remotely via video conferencing will be shifted to that format. 
  • Other classes will be concluded early or rescheduled for spring.

We ask you to be understanding of mandates and restrictions imposed upon us and respectfully comply with precautionary measures to allow us to return to offering programs. Instructors and staff are empowered to ask anyone unwilling to comply to leave class. 

Participants are encouraged to hold instructors, and staff accountable to these same guidelines, and to report any potential problems or concerns. Go to www.cncc.edu/report-an-incident-or-concern to report any issues or concerns.

The response to the threat of COVID-19 changes quickly. For the latest comprehensive information about the college’s current response please visit:




Fall 2020 Until Further Notice

Advanced registration is required for in-person classes

Each class has a registration due date and a class start date. It is critical to register by the registration due date so that we may order supplies, prepare facilities, and create the best possible experience for you. Class sizes will be small and require a minimum number of participants to run.

If you miss the registration date, give us a call to see if the class is running and if space is available, or if we are waitlisting. 

Avoid disappointment by registering early!

Staying at home? We have new Education in a Box and Non-Credit Online options. Registration is always open, and there are no due dates for our non-credit online programs. 

Register for all our programs by visiting https://www.cncc.edu/community-programming-registration 

Register over the phone by calling: 970-824-1109 


Refund Policy

Please read our refund policy for each class type (online or in-person) when you register. 

Once registered, it is your responsibility to pay for the class even if you do not attend it unless notified otherwise.

Generally, no refunds are offered after the registration due date, because after that date the college has purchased supplies and issued contracts based on your enrollment. 


Cancelations and Refunds

If we cancel a class or make a change that prevents you from attending, we will arrange for a full refund.

If you find that you can’t attend a class we will do our best to accommodate you in another class of a similar nature within the same term. 

A refund is ONLY provided if the class is dropped due to a positive COVID-19 test result or when dropped prior to the registration due date.


Special Circumstances

If you miss a class due to COVID-19 or a suspected case of COVID-19, we will ask to see a doctor’s note (provided digitally) and will provide either credit for another class or refund depending on the specific circumstances. Please notify us early so that we might try to fill your space form our waitlist and to allow for fully refund your fee. 

If we cancel or change a class due to COVID-19 we will issue a credit towards another class, pro-rate your class or provide a full refund depending on the specific circumstances.   


Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for many of our classes based on age, income, places of residence, military service, program type, and many other factors.  

Complete an application: https://cncc.formstack.com/forms/moffat_county_noncredit_financial_assistance_request



Payment by check, cash, or credit card is appreciated when you register. Payment must be received before the end of each term. 


Customized Classes

Want the class at a different time or location? Interested in having a private class for yourself or a small group? Want to schedule team-building or skill-building at work? Looking for something special?

Call us to communicate your needs and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

If you have a question not answered on this page, please contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling (970) 824-1118.

About CNCC

Colorado Northwestern is one college in two Colorado communities. Depending on what you want to study, CNCC has the perfect surroundings and facilities to meet your needs. Founded in 1962 as “Rangely College,” CNCC now serves nearly 1,800 students on two campuses, two service centers and online. Our two campuses are located in Craig and Rangely and are 90 miles apart in the mountains and canyons of Northwestern Colorado.