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What do I need to do to start flying at CNCC?


The very first thing you must do to begin flying at Colorado Northwestern is to apply with the college. Apply Here.

Schedule a Visit

To help you make this decision we highly recommend you come visit us. A typical visit includes a campus tour, meeting with Financial Aid to discuss costs, and a tour of the airport by a flight instructor who can share more information about the program with you.

Contact Information:

Recruiter/Admissions Representative

Phone: (970) 675-3214

Submit a $500 Deposit for your flight account by June 1

CNCC has 20 available positions and they will be granted to the first 20 students who have applied as an Aviation Technology student and submitted the flight account deposit. While the deadline is June 1 we recommend you submit your deposit as soon as you are sure you plan to attend. Should circumstances change, this deposit is completely refundable until August 1. After August 1, $350 of the $500 deposit is refundable.

Contact  CNCC Cashier:

Phone: (970) 675-3278

Medical Certificate/Student Pilot Certificate

Prior to the start of fall semester, all flight students will need to submit a copy of their birth certificate. Additionally, all flight students are to have in their personal possession a Medical Certificate/Student Pilot Certificate.This is accomplished by scheduling a physical exam, which must be performed by an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner. There are three classes of medical certificates: first, second, and third. The third class will qualify for all flight training, and it is the minimum level of flight certificate. It is recommended, however, that flight students receive at least a second class medical, as this is the minimum level needed to fly for hire. The first class is the level required to fly for the airlines, and it is advised that students take this level of medical to avoid surprises later. After you receive your Medical Certificate/Student Pilot Certificate, keep it in your personal possession, just like your Driver’s License. Do not mail it to CNCC. If help is needed finding a qualified doctor to give these medical exams, a searchable list, by state and city, is also available on the web at  AME Locator. Student will receive their student pilot licenses AFTER completing medical and working with CNCC to get licensing info completed.

Additional Requirements:

Purchase of:

  • iPad
  • Noise cancelling pilot headphones

Compliance with Aviation Safety Procedures and Practices Handbook

This program may have additional requirements necessary to obtain the industry/regulatory certificate as found on the following websites, and students are encouraged to review those requirements prior to enrollment. 

Aviation, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) -

TSA Security Requirements 

U.S. Citizens 

Due to the new TSA regulations, applicants who are U.S. Citizens are required to supply a copy of their birth certificate.  Prior to the start of Fall Semester, flight students must submit a copy of their birth certificate.

Non-U.S. Citizens 

All non-U.S. Citizens are required to fill out an application for training with the federal government. For more information, see AOPA's Guide.

Does the school have residential housing for students who wish to live on campus while completing their degree /  certificate program?

Colorado Northwestern - Rangely and Craig Campus have several on and off  campus housing opportunities depending on student needs.

Does the school offer financial aid to flight students?

Colorado Northwestern has a financial aid department dedicated to helping students offset the cost of flight training if they enroll in degree program.  For more information, please visit the Colorado Northwestern  Financial Aid Office  online.

What is the average size of the ground school courses?

Colorado Northwestern average ground school courses class size is usually less than ten.  Due to the smaller class size, our instructors can provide more quality, personal time with each student.

What is the student-instructor ratio?

The greater the student to instructor ratio, the less flying time is available per student.  At Colorado Northwestern our ratio is approximately six students per flight instructor. This ratio is sufficient to schedule more than the four flight hours per week required to complete the Commercial Certificate within two years.

Does the school guarantee an amount of flight time per week?

At Colorado Northwestern, each flight student is scheduled for 4 hours of flight time or more per week.  At this rate, students will graduate in two years with sufficient flight time to complete their Commercial Certificates.

Does the school own their own fleet of aircraft?

Colorado Northwestern owns, operates and maintains our own fleet of aircraft.  We employ a full-time mechanic and Aircraft Inspector at the airport to ensure that our airplanes are maintained properly.


About CNCC

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