CNCC Advisory Council

The College Advisory Council is a seven member council appointed by the State Board and comprised of residents from the areas served by the college. The purposes of the College Advisory Council are:

  1. To advise the college president and the State Board on the long-term educational needs of the area served by the college and on other matters identified in statute. (See C.R.S. 23-60-206).
  2. To serve as liaison between the college and area employers in order to facilitate assessment of employment, training and educational needs of the areas served by the college.
  3. To serve as liaison between the college and local school boards, county commissioners, city councils, town boards of trustees, other local elected officials and other relevant groups or persons.
  4. To promote the college’s programs and services among the communities and constituencies in the college’s service area and in areas served by the college.

The membership is comprised of two members each from the Rangely Junior College District and the Moffat County Affiliated Junior College District and three members at large representing college constituencies in areas served by the college and who are knowledgeable about the college.

Advisory Council Minutes

Advisory Council Minutes for (6-4-14)

CNCC Advisory Council Members

Name Phone Term
Mr. David A. Fleming – President (970) 824-3600 Expires 08-31-18
Mr. Dennis King (970) 241-9138 Expires 08-31-15
Mr. Sam Tolley (970) 675-3010 Expires: 11-08-2017
Mr. Mike Anson (970) 824-1186 Expires 8-30-15
Mrs. Peggy Rector (970) 675-8573 Expires: 11-2015
Mr. Danny Clark (970) 675-4327 Expires: 09-2018
RJCD Board of Trustees representative – Vacant
MCAJCD Board of Control representative – Vacant

Updated 1-14-15