CNCC offers a wide range of financial aid consisting of various Federal, State, and Institutional programs. CNCC requires students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and meet all other designated requirements to be considered for all of the following need-based aid programs. Where the aid program has the word “Colorado” in the title a student must be a resident of Colorado. These funds are provided by the General Assembly of the State of Colorado.

Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant is the Federal Government's largest student paid program and is the starting point for most students seeking financial assistance. Pell awards range from $324 to $6,345 for the 2020-2021 academic year. The amount you get, though, will depend not only on your financial need, but also on your costs to attend school, your status as a full-time or part-time student, and your plans to attend school for a full academic year or less. The total Pell grant awarded is based on full-time attendance (12 credits). A Pell grant is prorated according to the number of credits a student is enrolled in. Students enrolled in less than half-time may not be eligible for a Pell grant even though one was awarded depending on their expected family contribution (EFC). Students may apply for a Federal Pell grant until June 30, for the current award year, after July 1st you will applying for the following award year. The grant can be awarded retroactively to students for successfully completed courses throughout the year provided the student is still enrolled. Eligibility is determined through the completion of the FAFSA. Students who have received a BS/BA degree are not eligible. A students lifetime eligibility for Pell Grants is 600% or approximately 6 years, once this is met there will be no further Pell Grant eligibility.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

This grant ranges from $100 to $1,500 per academic year and is available to students with exceptional financial need who are eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant. This need is demonstrated by an EFC of 300 or less. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours to be awarded this grant. Eligibility is determined through the completion of the FAFSA.

Colorado Student Grant ("Colorado's College Responsibility Program")

This grant is available to undergraduate students who are enrolled in an approved certificate or degree program; are Colorado residents; are enrolled in six or more credit hours; and show documented financial need through a valid FAFSA. To ensure that state need-based dollars are directed to eligible Colorado resident students who have the least ability to pay for their education; CCHE policy states that all eligible Level 1 applicants at State-supported two year institutions will be awarded a minimum standardized CCRP Grant each year enrolled. An institution may award less than the minimum CCRP Grant if the student has less than the amount of the CCRP Grant in unmet need or if the institution determines that is can more effectively award financial aid to a student through other resources to at least the same minimum level as the CCRP grant. The minimum amount of the CCRP Grant will be set by Commission staff before March of each year for the following Fiscal Year. If an institution has any remaining CCRP Grant funds after all eligible students receive minimum grant awards, those funds may be awarded to any eligible level 1 students.

Level 1: Students with least ability to pay

Students with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) between 0 and 150% of that required for a Federal Pell Grant. The minimum undergraduate award for this category of students is $850 or the maximum amount of unmet need, whichever is less. The maximum award is $5,000.

Institutional Scholarships

Scholarships (funds do not have to be repaid) Students interested in scholarships and grants based solely on outstanding academic performance or special skills and interests can complete the CNCC Academic Scholarship Application - Deadline August 1, 2021. The following is a list and short description of the different types of aid, grants, and scholarships, available at CNCC.

Vice-President's Scholarship
Criteria: First-time freshman, full-time attendance, degree-seeking with minimum 3.4 GPA
Value: $2,000 per year Renewable for the 2nd year based on 24 credits with minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA

CNCC Dean's Scholarship
Criteria: First-time freshman, full-time attendance, degree-seeking with minimum 3.0 to 3.39 GPA
Value: $1,000 per year Renewable for the 2nd year based on 24 credits with minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA

CNCC Athletic Grants All athletic offers are made directly by the CNCC Athletic Department and may not exceed the cost of direct educational expenses. All athletes will be expected to:

  • Carry a minimum academic load of 12 credit hours per semester
  • Maintain the grade point average as established in the institutional Standards of Progress

Students interested in Athletic Grants should contact the Director of Athletics or the head coach of the sport in which they wish to participate. Special Note: All financial aid awards (scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study) are contingent upon availability of funds, matriculation at CNCC, and are subject to revision at any time. All scholarships noted above are based on full-time enrollment at CNCC. Scholarship recipients must be degree-seeking. Awards are contingent upon the continuation of the program(s) and availability of funds and are subject to change without notice.

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