iClickers Beginning in the Fall of 2015, CNCC adopted the use of i>clickers for classroom activities and engagement. The i>clicker 2 allows instructors to quickly receive feedback from their students during class.


Process to purchase i>clickers:
  1. Check your class syllabi for required i>clickers. Students only need to purchase one i>clicker for all of their classes.
  2. Students have two options to purchase i>clickers.
    1. Mobile App: Students can purchase a mobile app that can be used on a smart phone or tablet.
    2. Purchase i>clicker: Students can purchase the i>clicker and use it for all of their classes. This product is similar to a book that you can sell back to the bookstore.
  3. Pricing:
    1. Mobile App Cards are available at the bookstore:
      1. $12.25 for 1 semester
      2. $19.25 for 2 semesters
    2. i>clickers are available at the bookstore:
      1. $51.00 comes with 1 free semester of mobile app
      2. i>clickers can be sold back to the bookstore
  4. When a student transfers to another school, they can take their iClicker with them. Click here to see which school use iClickers.


Process for requesting i>clickers in your classroom:
  1. Receive approval from your program director to require i>clickers in your classroom. This is similar to having a required textbook for your course.
  2. Indicate i>clickers as a required item on your syllabus. (see below for suggestions)
  3. Contact i>clicker for a free instructor kit by calling Alisha Gonzalaz at (512) 222-5679.
  4. If you want to use the i>clicker powerpoint you can download the i>clicker Add-in
  5. The easiest way to use the software is to follow the instructions in this documentation file. Download the documentation i>clicker documentation.

Additional Resources