PRLEA Academy Estimated Tuition 2020-2021:

Out of State Students In-State Students
Tuition ($255.65 per credit hour/ 33 credits) $8,436.45   *Tuition ($242.90 per credit hour/ 33 credits) $6,380.55
Registration Fee $14.35   Registration Fee $14.35
Pass-through Fees $3,268.00   Pass-through Fees $3,268.00
College Fees $504.90   College Fees $504.90
Room and Board  $4,212.00   Room and Board $4,212.00

* Note: In-State Students who qualify for COF the price will change to ($153.35 Per Credit Hour /33 Credits) $5,060.55.

The Academy is now eligible under Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which determines qualification for a Federal Student Financing Options including Federal Student Loans and the Pell Grant program. The application is free and does not require a credit check. Federal Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.


Housing includes single occupancy housing with a shared bathroom, 19 meals per week, cable and internet. By living on campus you’re able to focus exclusively on academy. All of the academy students are in the same Residence Hall, making it much easier for students to form after-hours study/PT sessions and friendships that will follow them well into their careers with the NPS. Keep in mind, if you’re pursuing a degree, this academy is worth 33 credit hours. To apply for housing please Click Here.

Students are provided:
  • All Learning Materials
  • Firearm & Ammunition
  • Uniform Shirts
  • Use of Duty Gear
Students will need to bring:
  • Uniform Pants
  • Boots
  • Belt
  • Laptop Computer 

Please note **students who reside on campus must have meal plan**