Refund Policy

The College will refund 100 percent of tuition and student fees collected if the student officially drops courses, in writing, through the Admissions and Records Office, or online through Crossroads, for which tuition and fees were paid.  

There will be no refund if the student withdraws after the first 15 percent of the class or if a student fails to drop the course through the add/drop process, even if the student never attends the class. (Courses cannot be officially dropped via telephone.)  

If a student receives financial aid and drops or withdraws, a portion of the refund may have to be returned to the Financial Aid program from which it came.  Students are responsible for checking with the Financial Aid Office for information pertaining to this policy and to determine how the refund will be applied to the financial aid programs.  

Refunds are issued within 30 days after withdrawal/drop forms received in the Accounts Receivable Office.  

A full refund will be granted for classes canceled due to insufficient enrollment or closed due to student enrollment limits.  

For more information contact the Accounts Receivable Office at 1-800-562-1105. ext 3276. Or the Financial Aid Office at 1-800-562-1105, ext 3204.