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Colorado Northwestern Community College (like many other colleges around the country) is beginning to embrace Open Source technologies. Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) is rising in popularity and has some of the most cutting-edge code available. FOSS is available for anyone to use, extend, and most importantly, share back to the community. While our website is the current leader of open-source technology use on campus, there are other departments following. Here is a listing of some of the technologies our web services use and rely on on a daily basis to operate;

It would be impossible to mention to everyone that contributed to the technologies that our college has adopted, but we greatly appreciate their hard work!

We’d also like to extend a special thanks to Oregon State University and Arapahoe Community College for extremely helpful information regarding our decision to move to Drupal. They are the kind of people that make FOSS what it is today!

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In the event the Portal is not working, here are the various links you need to access everything;

Please remember that if you log into the portal, your D2L & SSB (“My Community Ed”) will have THAT password. INB will be whatever you usually use (same with student webmail). The Employee webmail is your network credentials that you use to get on computers on campus (CNCC\first.last).